• Advantages of Suspended Ceilings
    24/02/2022 0 Comments
    Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

    From retail stores to offices, suspended ceilings are as ubiquitous as they are convenient. As the name elegantly implies, a suspended ceiling hangs from the building's actual ceiling. Elegantly hiding piping or electrical components.
    Suspended ceilings have been around for centuries. The first recorded use of suspended ceilings was during the Muromachi period in Japan. This period stretched from the 13th century to around the mid-17th century. Back then suspended ceilings were used for aesthetic purposes only. Eventually, these ceilings made their way to the western world. The British Blackfriars theatre was built in 1596 and featured suspended ceilings. The modern suspended ceilings e.g. the grid tile system was patented back in 1923. Since then suspended ceilings have been tweaked and innovated upon until they offer a huge range of advantages.



    Suspended Ceilings: The Advantages


    One of the major immediate advantages of a suspended ceiling is its aesthetic considerations. Suspended ceilings cover up exposed piping and electrics. They can be installed relatively cheaply and are available in a range of styles and colours.
    However, aesthetics are only one of the advantages of suspended ceilings. Some of the others include:


    Advantage -  How it Helps



    Suspended ceilings are available in a range of different colours and styles, making them a popular choice in both offices and retail units



    Suspended ceilings are often used to hide ductwork, hide piping, wiring, water damage and sprinklers.


    Noise Reduction

    Additional insulation can be added to assist with dropped ceilings noise absorption.



    The space between the suspended ceiling and the actual ceiling can be easily accessed making it easy to implement repairs.



    Modern drop-ceilings, like the ceilings provided by Kehoe Interior & Suspended Ceilings, are extremely energy efficient helping property owners save money on their energy bills.



    When we compare suspended ceilings to open ceilings, suspended ceilings are a much more cost-effective solution.


    Quality of the indoor environment

    A suspended ceiling insulates against emissions, noise and light. Thus improving the indoor environment.

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  • 6 Good Reasons to Consider a Suspended Ceiling
    03/11/2021 0 Comments
    6 Good Reasons to Consider a Suspended Ceiling

    There are hundreds of good reasons why suspended ceilings have become the standard ceiling for offices and retail units all over the world. The two major reasons for the ubiquity of suspended ceilings is obvious. Suspended ceilings are extremely cost-effective and they quickly and effectively hide building components like air conditioning systems and wiring. While everyone may be aware of these benefits there are at least 6 other reasons that make suspended ceilings the number 1 choice for your building.


    Easy Access to a Building’s Structural Components


    Suspended ceilings not only hide structural appliances like pipes and wiring they also make it extremely easy to access these building components. Therefore if an issue does occur a tradesman can access these parts easily without having to damage the ceiling. Due to the ease of access, suspended ceilings are perfect for large buildings with hundreds of meters of piping and wiring.


    Improved Energy Efficiency


    All building owners, but especially large building owners, should always be concerned with energy efficiency. A suspended ceiling significantly reduces the size of a space, reducing the area that needs to be heated therefore leading to a significant reduction in annual energy bills.


    Better Sound Proofing


    By their very nature, multi-storey office buildings require good soundproofing. This is especially true when different businesses or organisations take up different floors in the buildings. A suspended ceiling reduces sound from above, therefore, increasing the buildings overall soundproofing.


    Enhanced Hygiene


    If the last few years have taught us anything it’s the importance of hygiene. Due to the material that suspended ceilings are made from, they are perfect for humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Suspended ceilings can be treated with antimicrobial solutions that help to discourage the appearance and the development of mould and bacteria.


    Brightened Interiors


    For darker spaces, white suspended tiles can create a lighter, brighter environment. White tiles help to enhance the overall brightness of ceiling lights.




    Suspended ceilings are fully customisable and are available in a range of colours, shades and designs. For businesses that pitch to client’s on-site. Suspended ceilings can help capture the brand and spirit of an organisation.

    To take advantage of the above benefits and more, please contact us today to discuss the installation of suspended ceilings.

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